Floor Paint 1-Comp

Substrate and preparation

No paint can compensate for a poor substrate or insufficient preparation.  The surface of the floor must always be clean and stable before you begin painting.  New cement has an outer surface of laitance (cement skin) with poor adhesion. This layer must be removed by a process such as sanding with a machine, sand-blasting or acid pickling with hydrochloric acid.

Acid pickling

Mix 1 part conc. hydrochloric acid with 9 parts water.
Moisten the floor with water.
Spread the acid mixture with a rake or brush.
Rinse clean thoroughly with water.

Smaller surfaces can be steel-brushed and then carefully vacuumed. Cracks and unevenness are repaired with Hagmans Epoxy Spackle.

Old paint is best removed by using diamond grinding or sand-blasting. If you choose to paint over a painted floor, it is important to sand the surface to a matt finish and scrape away all loose paint. When painting over it, the result will depend on the strength and adhesion of the old paint.

Product description

Hagmans Floor Paint 1-Comp is a water-borne, one-component polyurethane/acrylic-based paint. The product is primarily intended for both floor and wall cement surfaces, but it can also be used on wooden or fibreboard surfaces. The product is suitable for use inside and outside the house, as well as on surfaces which are exposed to lighter industrial and trade traffic. Since the paint is created with good diffusion properties, it is suitable for painting ground floors. 1K Floor Paint is yellowing-resistant.



Step 1

Apply filler to any holes, cracks or unevenness using Hagmans Epoxy Filler. For larger damage/repairs, use Hagmans Repair Mortar Coarse/Fine. (The substrate in the picture is cement.) 

Step 2

Existing paint or lacquer must be sanded to a matt finish. (The substrate in the picture is wood.) 

Step 3

Prime using 1-Comp Floor Paint in your selected colour. Dilute with 10-20% water on porous/absorbing substrates. Ensure good ventilation. 

Step 4

The surface can be painted over after three hours (at 15°C). Apply a final coating of undiluted 1-Comp Floor Paint to the surface. Ensure good ventilation.
The surface has full durability after 5-7 days. The product works both indoors and outdoors.

You will need
Repairs: Epoxy Filler Depends on the extent of the damage
Priming: 1-Comp Floor Paint = 0.1 litre/m²
Dilute with10-20% water on absorbing substrates
Cover painting: 1-Comp Floor Paint = 0.1 litre/m²

The standards may vary depending on the structure of the floor; two coats are recommended (priming + cover painting). Before painting, isolate any knots using knot-lacquer. The floor can be walked upon twelve hours after cover painting.


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