Clear Lacquer 1-Comp 40/90 - For even better durability

Product description:

Hagmans Clear Lacquer 1-Comp is an easy-to-work-with and durable 1-component polyurethane-based clear lacquer.
The product is primarily intended for lacquering Hagmans Floor Paint 1-Comp with or without flakes in order to improve durability; it is also suitable for wooden foundations or parquet flooring.


• Can be painted over after three hours. Serviceable after twelve hours.
• Full hardness and durable after 5-7 days.
• Clean polyurethane dispersion, very good durability and scratch-resistance.
• Glossiness: High gloss 90 and semi-gloss 40.
• Dry content: approx. 33 weight %


1. Preparation

The substrate must be clean, dry and stable. Previously painted or lacquered surfaces must be sanded matt.

2. Application

Stir the lacquer thoroughly before using. The lacquer is applied in 1-2 coats using a paintbrush or felt roller. Absorptive substrates may require a third coat. When lacquering previously untreated wooden floors, remember to sand down any raised wooden fibres thoroughly after the first lacquer coating and dry off all sanding dust, in order to achieve a nice, smooth surface.
Furniture can be moved in after one day. However, for heavier furniture and carpets it may be advantageous to wait approximately one week, by which time the lacquer will have achieved its maximum hardness. Do not lacquer at temperatures below 10°C. 

Technical information

Base material: Polyurethane dispersion
Density: 1.04 kg/litre
Dry content: 33 weight %/ 30 volume %
Glossiness: Gloss approx. 90 / Semi-gloss approx. 40
Material consumption: 8-10m² per litre per layer.
Drying time: Can be painted over after approx. 3 hours.
Serviceable after approximately 12 hours.
Full durability after 5-7 days
Shelf life: Two years
Cleaning: Water
Dilution: No, do not dilute.
Storage: Frost-free

You will need
Repairs: Epoxy Filler Depends on the extent of the damage
Priming: Floor Paint 1-Comp = 0.1 litre/m²
Dilute with 10-20 % water on absorptive substrates
Cover coating: Floor Paint 1-Comp = 0.1 litre/m²
Lacquering: Clear Lacquer 1-Comp = 0.1-0.12 litre/m²
The standards may vary depending on the structure of the floor, Two coats are recommended (priming + cover coating). Isolate any knots with knot lacquer prior to painting. The floor can be walked upon twelve hours after cover coating.
For more information about the product, see the product data sheet. 

Hagmans different clear lacquers

In addition to Clear Lacquer 1-Comp, Hagmans has a number of other clear lacquers with unique properties for different areas of use.


Clear Lacquer EP-V

• Two-component water-borne epoxy clear lacquer
• Serviceable after: 4 hours
• Can be painted over after 10 hours.
• High gloss, gloss value approx. 90
• Used primarily for lacquering flaky floors.
• Indoors


Thick Film Lacquer EP

• Two-component solvent-free epoxy clear lacquer
• Serviceable after: approx. 35 minutes
• 100% dry content
• Can be painted over after 15 hours.
• High gloss, gloss value approx. 90
• Used primarily when laying coloured sand floors but is also suitable when lacquering flaky floors as it delivers a non-porous, chemical-resistant surface.
• Indoors


Acrylic lacquer

• Solvent-borne acrylic lacquer
• Can be painted over after 5 hours.
• Glossy, gloss value approx 70
• Does not yellow
• Special lacquer intended for lacquering outdoor coloured sand floors.


Top Lacquer PU4020

• Moisture-hardening solvent-borne 1-comp urethane lacquer.
• Can be painted over after 8 hours.
• High gloss, gloss value approx. 90
• For lacquering outdoor coloured sand coating and floors as well as indoors where tough demands for UV-resistance are placed.
• Very scratch-resistance
• Does not yellow
• Indoors/outdoors

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