Research & Development

It is Hagmans Kemi’s vision to be in the foreground in the development of products within our key areas, floor products, roof products and vehicle maintenance. This means that when compared with our size, we direct a very large amount of resources to our research and development division. Through the means of collaboration, with our raw materials suppliers, and with our will to be at the fore, with regards to product technology, we often have the chance to test new goods before they are presented to the market at large.

It is important that our products are used correctly; we place great weight on educating our customers and collaborating partners. We have a great many knowledgeable individuals who are able to answer complex technological questions and solve any problems which may arise.

Thanks to this extensive experience we have in products for coating roofs externally, we have recently achieved great levels of success with our Aquabarr product. This is a product we are very proud of and which is the first choice in painting roofs for many of Swedens largest roof painting companies as well as with many roof contractors.

Our experience in painting sheet metal roofs has also urged on our research and development division onto discovering safe solutions for painting PVC-treated metal. This is something which, after many years of research, we are now presenting to the market under the name Grip On Roof/Facade Paint.
Hagmans Kemi would not be Hagmans Kemi without our research and development division, where curiosity and practical application are paired together with thoroughness and many decades of theoretical and practical development of colours, coatings and vehicle maintenance.

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