Grip On Metal Paint - Metal paint is also
suitable for platisol-covered surfaces.

Save your roof

Take care of your house in good time and save money!

Regular maintenance of the roof and facade is a good-value solution compared with the cost involved in replacement work. Hagmans has a long tradition of involvement n the area of the maintenance of metal surfaces and our products have, over the years, been diligently used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Therefore, we are well-informed when it comes to those tough requirements that must be met by a good product which is meant for metal.

If you have a metal roof or a metal facade which has been around for a few years, it is time to give them a check. No insurance covers damages from leakage caused by negligent maintenance. If you wait too long, the damages could become very expensive.

Look out for weak points

All roofs and facades are strongly affected by sunlight, but they are also affected by pollutants and flue gases from chimneys. Rust spots on the sheet metal can also be alarming. If you have a sheet metal roof, there is risk of water pooling in depressions and channels which can, in the long run, cause problems. Joints and connections around the chimney and vent holes must be carefully inspected.

Three important requirements

Good adhesion. For satisfactory long-term protection, it is important that the maintenance product works well together with the substrate, in the best possible way.
Water resistance. The roof must be able to withstand the elements as well as strong water downpours for lengthy periods of time. It must also be able to withstand water collection which often occurs in depressions and channels. Hagmans maintenance products are thoroughly tested to withstand difficult conditions.
Weather resistance. Roofs can be affected by sunlight and also by pollutants in the air, such as flue gases from the chimney. Hagmans products are strong and durable and will deliver satisfactory protection for many years.

Product description:


Grip On Roof/Facade is a water-borne acrylic-based system consisting of pickling fluid, primer, Roof/Facade paint and Grip On Shot. Roof/Facade paint can be used with or without adding Grip on Shot.
Grip On Pickling Fluid is an effective acidic pickling agent for metal surfaces.
Grip On Primer is a water-borne acrylic-based primer with an effective anti-rust pigment. Grip On Primer is used for treating metal surfaces.
Grip On Shot is added to Roof/Facade Paint in order to create a hardening, two-component product. This is primarily recommended for low roof elevations (below 15°), where there is risk of still water accumulation, or if the further improvement of the paints properties and life cycle is desired.


1. Preparation

The substrate must be clean, dry, and solid and suitable for paint treatment. Wash the surface with Hagmans Roof/Facade Wash.
• Newly galvanised surfaces - the surface must be treated with Hagmans Pickling Fluid or 10% phosphoric acid and thoroughly rinsed. 
• Aged galvanised surfaces - any white rust is removed using Hagmans Pickling Fluid or 10% phosphoric acid and then rinsed thoroughly.
• Unpainted aluminium - any chalk and oxidation (white rust) remains are cleaned using Hagmans Pickling Fluid. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Lightly sand the surface for better adhesion. Prime the entire surface with Grip On Primer.
• Previously painted surfaces - check adhesion to the substrate; if adhesion is poor, then the paint layer must be removed. The surface is then treated depending on the substrate material.
• Plastisol - existing plastisol which exceeds 140my must be removed by a process such as water blasting.
• Not recommended on PVF2.
• Very shiny surfaces must be sanded to a matt finish.
• Rusty sections must be scraped, sanded or brushed with a steel brush down to a pure metal finish and treated with Grip On Primer.
• Fill any cracks or holes with Hagmans Steel Plastic Epoxy Filler. 

2. Application

Apply Grip On with a brush, roller or spray gun.
We recommend at least two layers in order to achieve an even colour and gloss.

You will need 
(Sheet metal roof/facade)
Hagmans product Consumption
Repairs: Stålplast 
Epoxy Filler
Depends on the extent of damage
Primer: Grip On Primer approx. 0.12L / m²
Drying time approx. 3 hours
Top layer: Grip On Roof/Facade approx. 0.12L / m²
Drying time approx. 3 hours
Top layer: Grip On Roof/Facade approx. 0.12L / m²
Drying time approx. 3 hours
Standards vary depending on the structure of the substrate.
The paint is applied in two layers with a paintbrush, roller or spray gun. Do not paint during damp weather and only at a maximum humidity of 80% RF. 
Do not paint when the temperature falls below 7°C or exceeds 30°C. Do not paint in full sunlight. Use the same batch number for continuous surfaces. Work tools are cleaned with water. If the elevation of the roof is low (below 15°) or if you want to improve the colours properties and life cycle, we recommend adding Grip On Shot. For more information, see data sheet.


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