Grip On Roof/Facade Wash - Cleans & protects

Save your roof & facade

Take care of your house in time and save money!
Regular maintenance of the roof and facade is a cost-saving investment when compared with having to buy a new one. Hagmans has a long tradition in helping to maintain roof surfaces and our products have, over the years, been diligently used both by professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Hagmans Roof/Facade Wash

Product description:

• An effective alkaline cleaning agent.
• Removes soot debris, moss, algae and similar.
• Effective on all outdoor surfaces.
• Easily applied with a spray gun.
• Neutralises nutritional substances preventing new growth.
• The rain rinses away the debris from surfaces exposed to the weather.
• Bio-degradable.
• A concentrate that is diluted with water.

Areas of use:

Hagmans Roof/Facade Wash works on all kinds of foundations outdoors, such as steel plating, paper, eternite, wood and brick. The product will not affect any other parts of the house negatively, such as the cover boards or windows. Cover flowers and similar. Also for use on stone tiles, stairs, headstones, fences, wooden grating, awnings, facades, stone walls, painted surfaces, etc


Preparation & Application:

Clean large lumps of moss, twigs and such like from the roof. The substrate should be dry. Dilute with water to a ratio of one to five for very dirty surfaces, however do not dilute by more than one to ten. Apply Hagmans Roof/Facade Wash with a low-speed spray gun or a high-pressure spray gun set at low pressure, a paintbrush, a roller or with a sponge.

For dirt-ingrained surfaces, we recommend mechanical brushing or similar. Let it work for approximately ten minutes. After preparation, the roof must be rinsed thoroughly with water. To prevent new growth, the cleaned surface can be further treated one more time. Dilute to a ration of one to twenty and apply to the dry surface. Do not rinse.

For best effects, wash at a temperature between 10ºC and 30ºC. Avoid treatment on surfaces which are frost-covered or in full sunshine.



Räkna med minst 0,1 l av blandningen /m

Base material: Tensides
PH: approx. 10
Shelf life: Two years
Storage: Frost-free
Contents: Non-ionised tensides <5%

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