Wash & Wax

As everyone knows, it is very important to take care of your car by washing and waxing it occasionally.
• This is done to save money.
• The lacquer will hold for longer.
• Dirt and rust cannot take hold as easily.

Firstly, you have to asses the condition of the lacquer depending on:
1. How dirty it is
2. Age
3. Colour
4. The type of car
5. How matte it is
6. Scratches and body damage



When waxing the car, be sure to be conscientious with your preparatory work. If the car is very dirty with road matter such as asphalt spots and similar, it must first be cleaned and degreased. Use Hagmans Micro-degreasing or dry surface Cold degreasing. Start at the bottom and work upwards. Let the degreasing work for a few minutes. On surfaces with ingrained dirt using a wash sponge would be suitable, so that the degreasing will be more effective. Repeat the treatment until all coarse dirt is removed. Finish off by rinsing with plenty of water.

What is the difference between the various waxes?
• Wax which both polishes and protects is often called lazy-man wax, Eg. Wax Polish.
• Wax which only protects and seals includes Hagmans Gloss Wax.


After the deeply ingrained dirt has been thoroughly removed, wash the whole car with a good car shampoo, such as Hagmans environment-friendly Car Wash. Be extra careful in hard-to-reach places such as on chrome trim, around the grille, and on rubber trim so that all gravel is removed. Rinse with plenty of water and dry thoroughly with a chamois leather or similar drying cloth.

Clean the wheel rims

The wheel rims can be cleaned using Hagmans Wheel Clean, with excellent results that will remove brake dust and all other dirt. Spray on Wheel Clean, and let it work for a few minutes. The effect can be mechanically improved by using a dishwashing brush, toothbrush, or something similar. Rinse the wheel rims with water.

Lacquer cleaning / Cleaner / Polishing

It may be tempting to apply the wax directly now, but to avoid streaking and get the best possible shine and durability, the lacquer must be cleaned completely using a lacquer cleaner. Hagmans Cleaner is suitable for both metallic and normal lacquers. Shake the bottle and work the lacquer cleaner into the surface until excess agent is removed using circular movements. Use a soft, clean and dampened rag, polishing paper or terry cloth. work on smaller areas at a time (approximately 50 x 50cm) and continue over the whole car. Polish as you go. NOTE: If the lacquer is very matt and scratchy we recommend Hagmans Rubbing. This should only be used with care on metallic lacquers.

Lacquer sealing / Waxing

Once the cars lacquer is cleaned, the surface must be sealed with wax for good glossiness and durability. Use Hagmans Gloss Wax which delivers long-term protection. Apply a thin, even layer of wax with a clean, soft rag. If the wax is applied unevenly, you run the risk of having blotchy lacquer.

NOTE! There is also a so-called “lazy-mans wax” available which cleans, polishes and waxes all at once. Test winner Hagmans Wax Polish is an example of such a wax.

Let the wax dry until the surface becomes matt. For the best results, do not wait more than thirty minutes before beginning to polish. Use a polishing cloth or fibre cloth. Good preparatory work is useful, as a carefully cleaned lacquered surface will be very easy to polish. Also, the cars lacquer will now withstand both dirt and rust corrosion better.


A waxed car is easier to keep clean and keeps the rust away. An unwaxed lacquer ages faster and successively loses it resistance. Older red, blue and relacquered surfaces require care in order to avoid them looking milky or cloudy. however, A worn surface can easily be polished with Lacquer Cleaner. Repeated treatments with degreasing agents and machine brushes wear down the protective wax layer. Avoid Lacquer Cleaning on plastic and rubber details. Do not use wax on a hot surface, in direct sunlight, or when there is the risk of dew.

Vinyl Care

To freshen up interior vinyl surfaces Hagmans Vinyl Shine should be used. Vinyl Shine replaces the original lustre of the car and delivers an anti-static finish. The product has a light lemon scent. Apply the product on those surfaces to be treated using a rag. Let it dry, clean at the same time. On outer vinyl surfaces, we recommend Hagmans Bumper Shine which delivers a black new gloss and lustre with long-term effects.

Cleaning leather

In Hagmans wide assortment, there is also an agent for treating leather. Hagmans Leather Care contains beeswax and delivers increased durability and friction. Apply the product with a rag and let it dry. Remove excess fluid.

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