Surface treatment for floors, roofs and vehicles

Hagmans Kemi AB is a family-owned company which was founded in 1942. We have a factory and offices in Fritsla, outside of Borås.

Today, the company has grown to produce a turnover of more than 120 MSEK and employ 49 staff. We are the country’s leaders in the production of floor paints and professional floor coatings. We are Swedens largest producer of spackle products and, by a good margin, the countrys largest distributor of spray paints. Hagmans roof coatings are a well-known concept, as is our wide assortment of car care products, anti-corrosion agents and vehicle chemicals.

Our laboratory, located in Fritsla, has a large development division for floors, roofs and vehicle products. At other premises we have our manufacturing facilities, our warehouse and our offices with their management, marketing and economy divisions.

Our core values:  - Innovation - Flexibility - Quality are the basis of our activities. We are known for our creativity with products which take new paths towards solve our customers’ demands. We focus on the end user when we develop our products. With todays workforce costs, we know that products which can be quickly applied are important to our customers and in this we try to be the leaders.

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